Standing Steering Committee

PRICAI steering committee (SC) comprises of selected members, and may include (i) current and past PRICAI conference chairs, and (ii) representatives from associated events.

The current SC members are:

  • Tru Hoang Cao <tru (at)>
  • Aditya Ghose < aditya.ghose (at)> (PRIMA representative)
  • Byeong-Ho Kang <Byeong.Kang (at)> (PKAW representative)
  • Dickson Lukose <dickson.lukose (at)>
  • Hideyuki Nakashima <h.nakashima (at)>
  • Seong-Bae Park <seongbae (at)>
  • Duc Nghia Pham <d.pham (at)>
  • Abdul Sattar <a.sattar (at)> (Chair)
  • Toby Walsh <toby.walsh (at)>
  • Chengqi Zhang <chengqi (at)>
  • Zhi-Hua Zhou <zhouzh (at)> (Secretary)