Constituting a Conference

The Steering Committee obtains, through open and informal solicitations, suggestions for any or all of the following: possible conference locations, names of individuals who are suitable to serve as General Chair, and individuals who are suitable to serve as Program Chair(s). An individual or institution interested to propose and organize a future PRICAI should follow the steps listed below.

  1. Written proposals for conference locations should be sent to the Chair of the Steering Committee significantly before the proposed conference date. The location of the conference will generally be determined at least 18 months before the proposed date.
  2. Proposals shall list facilities, venue, proposed management, financial arrangements, a brief summary of the conference structure, and any other information required by the Steering Committee. In particular, the scheduling of any other potentially conflicting artificial intelligence meetings in that region within several months before or after the proposed meeting date must be evaluated as part of the proposal. Further, written commitments of financial support from sponsoring societies or institutions should be submitted in the proposal.
  3. Those wishing to host a future PRICAI Conference should make their intentions known sufficiently in advance of the proposal date so that any information required by the Steering Committee can be obtained in a timely manner, and other activities can be integrated into a program of interest to all.
  4. The Steering Committee seeks proposals for programs with broad appeal. In particular, proposals can include tutorials, vendor displays, interesting and dynamic invited speakers, reports on workshops, and controversial panel discussions.