Selection of Conference Officials

  1. The General Chair of PRICAI is selected by the Steering Committee and shall normally go to a new individual each time. This individual should be highly respected for his/her work in artificial intelligence and his/her participation in activities in Pacific Rim countries. In addition, he/she should have significant experience in organizing international conferences (e.g., as program committee members or program chairs of previous PRICAIs).
  2. The name of the person recommended as the General Chair shall be part of the proposal. This person shall be from the country hosting the conference. The Steering Committee shall be free to accept or reject any recommended names for General Chair in order to best promote the conference. The Steering Committee may also appoint a general co-Chair from other than the host country, usually a senior person who has extensive experience on organizing conferences, and in good position to assist the Organizing Committee.
  3. The Program Chair(s) are chosen by the Steering Committee. It is especially important that the Program Chair(s) be active in the field, have published frequently in artificial intelligence journals and/or conferences and are active in Pacific Rim countries. It is normally expected that the Program Chair shall be selected from outside the country which is hosting the conference. If the Program Chair is from within the host country, the Steering Committee will appoint a Program co-Chair from outside the host country. The Program Chair(s) select the program committee members with the guidance of the Steering Committee.