The Steering Committee

To oversee the long-term planning and success of this conference, a Steering Committee plans for future conferences, evaluates how well each conference has achieved the objectives stated above, and implements improvements to better meet these objectives.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to

  • provide a continuing committee to represent artificial-intelligence interests in Pacific Rim countries,
  • improve future PRICAI meetings,
  • obtain feedback about PRICAI for the purpose of improving the conference,
  • invite bids for future PRICAI meetings and select the best one at the meeting during each conference (or as practical as possible),
  • appoint the General co-Chair and the Program co-Chair usually external to the host country,
  • select the sites and dates for future PRICAI meetings, which may be in response to submitted proposals,
  • assist in the appointment of other chair positions in the Organizing Committee, and
  • ensure collaboration with other National and International Artificial Intelligence organizations.

The Steering Committee has the final authority on every aspect related to the organization and management of PRICAI.

Composition of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Committee is composed of

  • A chairperson,
  • a secretary
    • a treasurer
    • a web coordinator
  • honorary members
  • other members (usually appointed by the Steering Committee as representatives from various countries from the Pacific Region)
  • representatives from the current PRICAI xxxx and the previous PRICAI xxxx-2 (the term for these representatives will be normally two conferences)
  • representatives from affiliated events.

The number of Steering Committee members is to be no less than five.

Chair of the Steering Committee

The Chair of the Steering Committee shall be elected from among the Steering Committee members for a term of 4 years. The same Chair may be elected for one additional term. However, after these two terms the Chair must step down from this role. The Chair has a responsibility to call for Steering Committee meetings, prepare an agenda in consultation with other members, represent PRICAI series at other AI related bodies, and maintain active links with PRICAI xxxx General Chair(s) and PC Chair(s).


The Secretary of the Steering Committee shall be appointed/ elected from among the Steering Committee members for a term of 4 years. The same Secretary can be appointed/ elected for one additional term of 4 years, and must leave this role for a minimum of 2 years before becoming eligible to serve again for the same role. The Secretary’s role is to work with Chair and coordinate with treasurer and web coordinator to put in place up-to-date information on PRICAI and related activities on the home page. The secretary should also help potential organisers for preparing future PRICAI conference bids.

The Treasurer is the custodian of the PRICAI funds, and usually from the organisation that is holding and managing PRICAI funds. All expenses must be carried out in accordance with the directives of the Steering Committee. The Treasurer must submit a written report at each PRICAI SC meeting.

The Web coordinator must supervise the development of PRICAI home page in consultations with the Chair, Secretary and other Steering Committee members.

Steering Committee Members

New members of the Steering Committee are selected/ appointed by the current Steering Committee members in a Steering Committee meeting held during each PRICAI. The committee is open to suggestions from all participants of the conference.

Honorary Membership

The Steering Committee members who have been committed for a long time to the goals of PRICAI, and served Steering Committee members for 10 years or more, and continue to contribute to various aspects of PRICAI series, may join as honorary members. These members are expected to attend PRICAI Steering Committee meetings and share their experience and participate in the discussions on regular basis to guide the future generations of PRICAI Steering Committee members. This is life membership.

Steering Committee Meetings

A Steering Committee meeting must be held in each PRICAI. If necessary, interim meetings can be called by the Steering Committee Chair through electronic mail or by other means. For example, at each IJCAI if there is at least 5 Steering Committee members present, the Steering Committee meeting may be called to discuss the progress of the upcoming PRICAI and other relevant issues.

Steering Committee members are expected to attend the Steering Committee meeting in each PRICAI. Members who missed two consecutive meetings are considered withdrawn from the Committee.


During meetings of the Steering Committee, each member shall have one vote. General proxy voting shall not be permitted, but on specific issues proxy voting shall be permitted if the Steering Committee Chair is informed beforehand of the intended vote by the absent member. Steering Committee members are to be informed sufficiently in advance of any known motions to be voted on during a forthcoming meeting.

PRICAI Distinguished Contribution Award

The Steering Committee should form a sub-committee chaired by the Steering Committee Chair or a senior Steering Committee member to deliberate on nominations for distinguished award. This committee will set up guidelines for nominations, and criteria for assessing the nominations. It is expected that the nominations for this award would be invited about a year before the PRICAI xxxx is being held. This will give sufficient time to make appropriate decision.

The sub-committee’s recommendation for the award must be approved by the Steering Committee.

Resignation or Removal from Office of member of the Steering Committee

  1. Any member of the Steering Committee may resign from membership of the Committee at any time by giving notice in writing to the Chair or the Secretary, but such resignation shall take effect at the time such notice is received by the Chair or Secretary unless a later date is specified in the notice when it shall take effect on that later date or such member may be removed from office at a steering committee meeting of the PRICAI where the member shall be given the opportunity to fully present the member's case.
  2. The question of removal shall be determined by the vote of the members present at such a Steering Committee meeting.
  3. There is no right of appeal against a member's removal from office under this section.

Vacancies on Steering Committee

The Steering Committee Chair shall have power at any time to appoint any member to the committee to fill up any casual vacancy on the committee until its biennial meeting at the next PRICAI Conference.

Delegation of Powers of Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee may delegate any of its powers to a sub-committee consisting of such members of the Steering Committee as the Committee thinks fit.
  2. Any sub-committee so formed shall in the exercise of the powers delegated conform to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the Steering Committee.
  3. A sub-committee may elect a chairperson of its meetings.