Special Track: Big Data in Bioinformatics

Special track on:



Track chairs:

Yaoqi Zhou 
Griffith University

Jake Chen
Indiana University Purdue University


The era of big data poses new challenges and opportunities for bioinformatics researchers. On one hand, big data requires significantly more efficient storage and data management solutions that seem impossible or infeasible to implement even a few years ago. On the other hand, big data presents significant opportunities in uncovering hidden patterns in data and building predictive models for practical biomedical applications. The special session on Big Data in Bioinformatics (BDB) aims to bring together researchers in database management, data/text mining, artificial intelligence, computational biology, bioinformatics to discuss research challenges and cutting edge techniques in handling big biological data.

The topics of BDB include but are not limited to:

* Machine learning techniques in high-volume and high velocity biological data

* Biomarker discovery from large Omics data sets

* Computational systems biology using next-generation sequencing data

* Text mining of medical records or biological text including social media

* Structural bioinformatics.

* Network biology and medicine

* In silico modelling of drug discovery using high-throughput molecular connectivity mapping data and Omics

* Any other topics involving data mining of large-scale biological data.



Prof. Yaoqi Zhou
School of Information and Communication Technology,
Griffith University, Gold Coast, Parklands Dr, Southport, QLD4222, Australia
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A/Prof. Jake Chen
Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202, USA 
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All submission and publication guidelines announced for the PRICAI 2014 conference will be applicable for this special track.

Paper Submission: Papers submitted to the special session and the main conference will use the same submission system. Please choose “Big Data in Bioinformatics” special track / session as the applicable track. 

Publication: All papers submitted will be peer-reviewed using the same criteria of PRICAI-14. The accepted papers will be included in the conference proceedings of PRICAI-14, which will be published by Springer as a volume of LNAI series.

Important Dates: Please refer to applicable PRICAI 2014 Important Dates page for paper submission deadline, paper acceptance notification, camera-ready due date, etc.